May 19, 1890 – Vincent leaves Arles for Paris and Auvers Sur Oise

“My dear brother
After a last discussion with Mr. Peyron I obtained permission to pack my trunk, which I’ve sent by goods train. The 30 kilos of luggage one is allowed to take will allow me to take a few frames, easel and some stretching frames &c.” …
… ” In Paris, if I feel up to it, I’d immediately very much like to do a painting of a yellow bookshop (gas effect), which I’ve had in my mind for so long. You’ll see that I’ll be at work right from the day after my arrival. I tell you, as regards work, my mind feels absolutely serene and the brushstrokes come to me and follow each other very logically.

Anyway until Sunday AT THE LATEST, I shake your hand firmly in the meantime, warm regards to Jo.
Ever yours,
Vincent to Theo, May 13, 1890 – #872

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