February 28, 1886 – Vincent arrives in Paris

And he arrives unannounced from Antwerp.  He sends a letter to Theo on or about February 28 and goes to the Louvre to wait for Theo to come meet him.  Arriving for the second time in Paris, this time as an artist instead of a struggling dealer, Vincent admires the Rembrandts and Da Vinci’s in the Salon Carre, a great hall in the Louvre containing European masterpieces.

“My dear Theo,
Don’t be cross with me that I’ve come all of a sudden. I’ve thought about it so much and I think we’ll save time this way. Will be at the Louvre from midday, or earlier if you like. A reply, please, to let me know when you could come to the Salle Carrée. As for expenses, I repeat, it comes to the same thing. I have some money left, that goes without saying, and I want to talk to you before spending anything. We’ll sort things out, you’ll see. So get there as soon as possible. I shake your hand.

Yours truly,

Vincent to Theo, @2-28-1886, # 567

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