February 19, 1888 – Vincent visits Seurat’s studio with Theo and then leaves for Arles

“My dear Theo,
During the journey I thought at least as much about you as about the new country I was seeing.
But I tell myself that you’ll perhaps come here often yourself later on. It seems to me almost impossible to be able to work in Paris, unless you have a refuge in which to recover and regain your peace of mind and self-composure. Without that, you’d be bound to get utterly numbed.”

Vincent to Theo after arriving in Arles:  February 21, 1888, #577


Vincent has left Paris, in part, to seek the effects of a more Mediterranean sun on his broadening color palette.  He also tired of the big city feel of Paris and longed for a less populated landscape upon which to roam and paint the scenes that moved him.

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